Publications and Presentations

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Duthely, Regina. “Black Feminist Hip-Hop Rhetorics and the Digital Public Sphere.” Changing English, vol. 24, no. 2, 2017, pp. 202-12.

Book Chapters:

Duthely, Regina. “Hip-Hop Rhetoric and Multimodal Digital Composition.” The Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric (Invited, Forthcoming)


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“Hip-Hop Rhetoric and Liberatory Digital Composition” 6th Biennial International Critical Thinking and Writing Conference. Hamden, CT. November 2016

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Invited Talks:

Guest Panelist, “’You Ain’t About That Life’: Hip-Hop Rhetoric and African American English in the Composition Classroom.” Teaching Vernaculars Roundtable. St. John’s University, November 2013.